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The Swell Story

Swell Knits

The Inspiration:

Born out of a passion for the highest quality, most luxurious fibers, Swell Knits creates pieces you will cherish for their warmth and softness. Our materials are chosen because they're ones we love to knit with, and the ones we love to wear.


The Materials:

Working with yarns that feel good in our hands as we knit ensures they feel even better next to your skin.

Our yarns are hand selected and imported from Peru and Uruguay.  We love sustainability, and you can be sure everything we sell is created from the best quality yarns available with the utmost care for the protection of the world around us.

Every item we sell is hand crafted in the United States.


Our promise to you:

Quality will never be sacrificed. 


Handmade on Long Island New York


Photography Credit:

We owe all the credit of our gorgeous in-use shots to Leslie Wells Photography.  Leslie, you are amazing and never cease to WOW us!

Swell Knits luxury winter hats and ear warmers, photography by Leslie Wells Photography